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Personal Safety Seminars for Employees or Individuals

Is your safety important to you?


What you will learn in the three-hour introductory course:

  • How to maintain a safe, secure area for yourself and your family at home, at work, or travelling.
  • How to react with effective assertive verbal skills and matching body language to de-escalate a potentially violent situation.
  • If you have no other choice than to fight back physically, how to do so effectively and ensure your safe escape as quickly as possible.

** Only $75 **
Please bring fee to course (checks or cash, sorry no credit or debit cards)


Other courses offered:

1 hour lecture on Personal Safety - $200 (for unlimited attendees)

3 hour Intermediate and Advanced courses in Personal Safety and Self Defense include more hands-on practice with realistic scenarios, ground fighting, working with padded attackers, dealing with multiple attackers and weapons.

$150 per person (if less than 10 people attend), or
$125 per person (if 10 to 20 people attend).

Groups larger than 20 will be split to ensure comprehensive training. Rates for more than 20 people will be negotiated with Ms. Tropp.

According to the National Crime Survey, about 80% of people now 12 years old in the U.S. will become victims of attempted or completed violent crimes during their lifetimes if current crime rates remain unchanged. About one half will be victims two or more times.

Violence in our society is a reality. Physical defense is your last line of defense. While it is true that some assaults cannot be de-escalated, it is also true that...

A large majority of attacks can be de-escalated before they ever reach a physical level of violence.

Seattle Martial Arts Seminars (SMASH) Strategies for Personal Safety offers several comprehensive courses that will teach you to avoid being a potential crime victim.

Awareness, assertiveness, and de-escalation skills make it less likely that you will need to resort to physical violence against an attacker.

In addition to learning these skills, the course will cover simple, effective techniques to maintain your safety during a physical confrontation. The course will be conducted in a friendly supportive atmosphere geared toward everyone regardless of physical abilities or limitations.

"The class was GREAT! I thought Nhumey did a really good job giving us very applicable tips and techniques. I feel more confident about my defense skills and more aware of potentially dangerous situations. The hands-on part was essential and have been raving about it ever since."
- Jessica Moore

Strategies for Personal Safety can provide everything needed for the course at your location. A private space, preferably at least 20 ft. by 20 ft. is needed for the hands-on portion. If your location does not meet this requirement, other arrangements will be made.

Ms. Nhumey Tropp, 6th Dan is owner and chief instructor of Seattle Martial Arts.

Master Nhumey Tropp has been training in the martial arts for more than 30 years and heads her own school. She has been involved in teaching awareness and self defense for the past 20 years. Her effective teaching style combines warmth and inspiration.

Master Tropp holds an MPH (Master of Public Health) from the University of California, Berkeley and is a graduate of the University of Washington Physician Assistant Program. She works as a PA in a local hospital Emergency Department.

Comments from participants of Strategies for Personal Safety

"There's a fine line between empowering a person to act and paralyzing her with fear. You hit it right in the middle, with a reasonable and balanced style of teaching. You're also good with shy people and answering questions."
- Donna Schmiege

"I'm glad that WRQ sponsored the class - it certainly taught me that I do have choices in defending myself when I need to. Thank you!"
- Carrie La Grace

"The course made me realize that though most women have the potential power to defend themselves against attack, they do not have the techniques required to do so. Before this course I didn't realize my own strength because nobody taught me how to apply it."
- Clare O'Hare

"The course gave me the confidence in the power that I have to try and defend myself if the need arises. Ms. Tropp presented various situations in a sensitive way but at the same time, using an honest down to earth approach. I now feel that I have the option of defending myself and not just submitting to the situation. I feel lucky to have taken this course."
- Patti Fields

"The course was very valuable. It gave me confidence in my strength and how to apply it. It made me realize how we all have the capability to defend ourselves to a certain degree but that we have to know the techniques available."
- Beth Naczowski

"I loved the self defense course. The techniques I learned are very easy to remember and since we tried them out ourselves, I know they work."
- Elizabeth Sindayen

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